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Siyabangena Thina IT Outsourcing » Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs

A specialist repairs and maintenance centre run by highly skilled technical staff deals with REPAIRS,SERVICES and UPGRADES of all makes and models of computers (laptops / notebooks, workstations, servers), printers, monitors, networking equipment and peripheral hardware.
Repairing a notebook is often more economical and more convenient than purchasing a new one. A major benefit is that it will already be set up exactly as you like with all your important documents, photos, music etc.
Repairs and Services Include:
Please note: If your notebook’s fault is not covered in the list below, please email or call us so that a solution can be put forward to you. We have the capabilities to address all laptop faults.
Laptop Screen Replacement
Screens are very fragile and thus easily damaged. A broken laptop screen does not mean that your notebook has to be replaced. We will fit a cost effective replacement screens for just about every make and model laptop on the market. For approximate pricing on screen replacements, please contact us for a quote.
A dimming laptop screen may also be fixed by simply replacing the screen.
Notebook / Laptop Upgrades
Laptop RAM Upgrade – upgrading your laptop’s memory can increase it’s overall operating speed and performance. Most often notebooks require specific RAM modules depending on the brand and model. Supima will source RAM that has been tested to work with your particular notebook, thus avoiding compatibility problems

Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade – Running out of space? Instead of purchasing a new laptop, you may just want to have a higher capacity hard drive installed. And providing that your current hard drive is in good working order, we will be able to keep all your software, settings, system files and data files unaffected. In this instance a total reinstallation is not required.
Preventative Maintenance
With the portability of laptops, they are prone to being in environments where dust, moisture, smoke, material fluff, animal hair and general dirt exist, all of which can travel into the cooling system. Often they are also subjected to rough handling.
Laptops require servicing at minimum once per year. A general service will include a total strip and clean of the notebook, inside and out, and the cooling fans and intakes will be thoroughly cleaned out. This precautionary service will prolong the life of the notebook as well as minimise the risk of hardware failure later on.
Faulty Hardware
Repair or replacement of:
– laptop screen, (read more above)
– hard drive, (read more on data recovery below)
– keyboard,
– optical drive,
– motherboard,
– RAM / memory,
– mouse / sensor pad,
– outer cover, casing or bezel,
– battery,
– power adapter / charger etc

Motherboard repairs right down to component level

Repair or replacement of individual components is a convenient and affordable way to increase the usability and life of your machine before the need arises topurchase a new laptop / notebook.

Quotes for a new laptop can be provided where repairs are uneconomical
Faulty Ports and Connectors
– Laptop not registering USB devices?
– Laptop not connecting to network?
– Laptop battery not charging or charging intermittently?
– Laptop not switching on with or without battery?

This could be due to a faulty USB port, ethernet port or charger / adapter port (power jack).
These ports can be repaired or replaced.

Power problems could also be caused by a faulty power adapter or battery, among other things.
Laptop Power Problems
Faulty laptop power adapter? A lot of the time these can be repaired. Bring it in to us for testing.

Original manufacturer as well as high quality compatible batteries and power supplies can be supplied to replace faulty or old units. With time batteries lose their ability to hold maximum charge and their power wanes dramatically.

Click here for pricing on a new notebook / laptop battery
Click here for pricing on a new laptop power adapter / charger

Data Recovery
Hard drive crashing? Laptop not posting when switched on (not going through to start-up screen), or strange sounds coming from your hard drive? Switch off your machine and bring it to us. There is a chance that we can retrieve the data before the drive crashes completely.

Where possible, data will be backed up and transferred onto another hard drive (Documents, Audio / Video files, Pictures etc). This new hard drive can be installed into your laptop and the operating system and drivers reloaded, providing that authentic software and/or registration keys are provided.

Click here for more information regarding data recovery services.

Laptop Overheating
A large percentage of notebook failures are caused by overheating. A thick layer of dust and lint forms on the fans and blocks air intakes. We will strip the notebook and clean out the entire cooling system. A relatively inexpensive repair that will most likely save you from having to replace the motherboard sometime down the line.
Laptop Liquid Damage
Turn the laptop off immediately! Remove the battery, the AC adapter and unplug the device from the main power.

Although it may sometimes seem as if the liquid has had no negative effect on the notebook, electrolytic activity can cause a short to occur at any time while the liquid is still inside and long term damage will most likely occur.

Do not leave it for a while and power it back on to check if everything is ok.

The laptop must be stripped and all components solvent washed. Leaving the spill to simply dry out without being attended to will result in corosion of the circuit boards, ultimately leading to complete hardware failure.
Laptop Broken Hinge
A broken hinge can make properly closing a notebook difficult, and can cause problems with the connections to the screen. On most occasions these can be replaced.

Siyabangena Thina offers very reasonable rates for services and repairs, gives honest appraisals regarding the extent of computer repairs required, as well as provides reliable after service.

Please email or call us for assistance in resolving your notebook hardware and software problems.

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