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Siyabangena Thina IT Outsourcing » Onsite Repairs

Onsite Repairs


VALUE ADDED SERVICESkeyboard construction
 Server administration
 Software patches and security updates
 High-level server support
 Complex fault finding and troubleshooting
 Updating of virus definitions
 Backup of data (subject to an appropriate backup device being present and operational)
 Optimisation of server performance
 Security
 Assist with the installation of software and the configuration
 Implementation of hardware
 Data migration
 General desktop user support
 Assist with the installation of peripheral equipment
 Assist with the installation and configuration of legal software
 Software patches and security updates
 High-level desktop support
 Complex fault finding and troubleshooting
 Updating of virus definitions
 Optimisation of desktop performance
 Desktop standardisation throughout organization
 Implementation of hardware
 Data migration
 Isolation of bottlenecks and associated problems
 Network troubleshooting
 Router and firewall configuration
 Wireless LAN setup
Network infrastructure issues will be handled by Siyabangena’s network cabling team
It’s a difficult task to stay ahead of the game in today’s business environment, surrounded by relentless competition and ever changing goal posts. This leaves you with little time to concentrate on the areas of your business that do not pertain to your core objective. But let’s face it, IT may not be your core business but few businesses can function effectively without it and have thus approached outsourcing as a strategic proactive business practice.
Siyabangena’s outsource services encompass everything from a single desktop issue through to advanced services in a high-end server-centric network.
Whether you would like to utilise external IT skills on an ad-hoc basis orfeel more comfortable with guaranteed pre-scheduled support through an SLA (Service Level Agreement), let us work together in setting up the solution that best suits you.
Siyabangena’s services range from large corporations to those in the SME market. Large companies require permanent IT staff members and have the resources and the desire to make such an investment, while a full-time employee is excessive in a small to medium sized business. At Siyabangena, we satisfy either requirement.
We are responsible for the operation of the entire IT department of a large international engineering firm (our full-time services are utilised in their Johannesburg and Pretoria branches).
So too are we proud to say that we have strategic partnerships with many SME companies. By offering reliable, knowledgeable and friendly support we have retained the loyalty of our truly valued clients
In striving to continually offer effective solutions, Siyabangena Computers offers both onsite and remote IT support. In this way we can most efficiently handle any IT matters in the quickest time possible, thus saving you time and money, and ensuring unhindered productivity of your work.

Why Choose Siyabangena Computers?

Skilled and experienced team of network engineers
Reliability and integrity
Commitment to service delivery
Friendly and approachable staff
Your organisation’s every IT requirement covered under one roof

Remote support as well as telephonic support are offered as additional services to our outsourced clients.

What is an SLA?
A signed agreement between Siyabangena  Computers and you, our client, spanning one year, and guaranteeing your company preferential service regarding regular onsite support by an Outsource engineer at a reduced fixed rate.
SLA’s are customisable and flexible to suit your business requirements. Under this form of agreement, a certain amount of hours are allocated on a monthly basis. These hours are used to provide proactive as well as reactive services to allow for the general day-to-day maintenance of your IT environment. If assistance is required beyond these hours, Supima will gladly help, and the preferential pricing will still apply.
 An initially agreed upon number of hours on specific days are pre-allocated to your company
 Priority response for SLA clients
 Scheduled anti-virus system updates
 Confirm successful backup of company data
 Preventative maintenance
 Reliable support
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What is ad hoc support?
Onsite support provided for clients that have not signed a Service Level Agreement with Supima. This may be preferred by smaller clients who do not require a set schedule for support, and who would rather operate on an as and when needed basis.
When onsite support is required, an appointment will be made with Siyabangena’s Support Centre.

Additional services for outsourced clients:
 Remote Support
 Telephonic Support

Please email or call us for more information or to arrange an appointment so together we can assess your IT support requirements.

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