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Siyabangena Thina IT Outsourcing » Printer Repairs

Printer Repairs

A specialist repairs and maintenance centre run by highly skilled technical staff deals with REPAIRS,SERVICES and UPGRADES of all makes and models of computers (notebooks, workstations, servers), printers, monitors, networking equipment and peripheral hardware.

We repair and service Inkjet, LaserJet, Multi-function All-in-one, and Dot-matrix printers.

Many people’s first reaction to a printer failure is to purchase a new printer – it’s cheaper, it’s convenient, it’s a quick solution. But is it? In many instances we have found that this is not the case. By knowing that Supima is here with the expertise to repair your printer, it then becomes very convenient to carry out a repair. With Supima’s very reasonable pricing structure, it is most often far cheaper to repair than to purchase new. Especially if you have spare consumables – toners, cartridges, ribbons – in storage. These will not go to waste as would be the case with purchasing a new machine. There are great savings to be made by extending your printer’s lifespan by 12-24 months. And Supima offers fast turn around times.
Most common printer problems can be avoided by scheduling annual; preventative maintenance services. The result is reduced down time caused by printer related issues, as well as fewer printer failures.
General maintenance services include such things as: technician
Total strip and clean

Replace pickup rollers

Clean ink service station

Replace separation pad kits

Common problems:
Paper jams
A very common problem that may be caused by several factors: a dirty printer, incorrect paper being used, worn or broken paper feeder rollers.

This refers to objects on your printed page being repeated elsewhere on the paper. The drum, fuser film, fuser assembly or imaging kit may need replacing. Or it could a power supply problem.

Toner smears or does not adhere to paper
The fuser assembly may need replacing, toner cartridge may be faulty, toner may have spilt inside the printer. In the third instance, Supima will strip the printer and give it a thorough internal clean.

Printer displays an error message
There is a long list of error messages that may appear on your printer’s display, and each error is specific to printer brand. Error messages can point to such things as power supply issues, faulty components, paper handling issues, network issues, memory issues, or problems with the print job sent into the printer queue.

Several pages picked up at once
The separation pad and/or feed rollers may need replacing

While some problems are easily rectified by a user, there are many instances where professional expertise are required. Let us assist you in getting your printer back up and running in the quickest time possible, with minimum frustration.

Additional parts provided that may require replacement, but which are not included in a general service include such items as: Maintenance Kit, Fuser Assembly Unit, Drum Kit, Transfer Kit, Roller Kits, Fuser Film Sleeves.
Supima offers very reasonable rates for services and repairs, as well as reliable after service.

Click here for pricing covering a general service to your printer when brought into Supima’s Repair Centre.
Click here for a quote on replacement cartridges. Please state exact make and model of printer or provide cartridge brands and codes.

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